Canada 150 for 150 Volunteer Challenge


Q:  How do I track my volunteers hours?

A:  The easiest way to count your hours is to track them yourself.  After all, how could we not trust a volunteer?  Many organizations with volunteer coordinators track these hours for their organizational purposes, so check-in with them to ensure that your efforts are not being duplicated.  You can also register via Volinspire at: This is a national online and mobile platform that has been set up for similar campaigns across the country.  Be sure you enter “Ganges” as your city.

Q:  I can’t find “Salt Spring Island” when I try to register via Volinspire!

A:  We are listed under “Ganges” as a “city”.

Q:  What counts as volunteer time?

A:  We are encouraging people to take a broad view of volunteerism.  This includes leadership volunteers working to support organizations on boards all the way to front line volunteers who are providing a direct service.  It also includes all those informal ways that we might give i.e.  making a meal for a sick neighbour.  Formal or informal, big or small, include however you give of your time to make our community better for others.  Don’t underestimate the hours that you contribute…driving, phone calls, meetings, thinking…they all count!

 Q:  I volunteer for a club that doesn’t provide a service out to the community.  Does that count?

A:  Yes.  Volunteering with a club such as the Salt Spring Dragon Boat Club or the Salt Spring Tennis Association means that you are giving of your time to support a club others can enjoy.  It also means supporting opportunities that nurture positive mental health.

Q:  I volunteer for more than one organization.  Which one do I choose?

A:  We are learning that the profile of the typical Salt Spring Island volunteers involved volunteering for more than one organization!  Compile all your hours together as you work towards your 150.

Q:  150 Hours, then what?

A:  While we all know that volunteers give without the desire to receive accolades in return, it is nice to be able to not only honour and recognize people and their generosity but to also highlight them as examples and inspiration of what is possible.  There is nothing like seeing someone you know and thinking, “If they can do it, then maybe I can too!”

On July 1st, Volunteers reaching 150 hours will be awarded with a commemorative button as well as a special gift package (we are still working out the treats!) by Elizabeth May at the Antique and Classic Motor Club’s Show and Shine Canada Day Event.


Thank You to our Canada 150 for 150 Volunteer Challenge Partners!

Country Grocer, Salt Spring Classic and Antique Motor Club, Gulf Islands Driftwood