The local Terry Fox Run is looking for someone who might be interested in shadowing the current Volunteer Coordinator for this year, in hopes of taking over the position in 2018.

The Salt Spring Terry Fox Run happens every year on the 3rd Sunday in September.  We are proud to have worked hard to amass a loyal group of volunteers and have been diligent in setting up systems and databases that greatly faciliate this position.

The position gets rolling in June with the heavy period between mid-August to the run date, when volunteers need to be confirmed.  The person will:

  1.  Send out emails to existing volunteers in March to explore returning interest
  2. Advertise for volunteers as required
  3. Communicate clearly to volunteers details of their position
  4.  Maintain spreadsheet of volunteers
  5. Check-in/check-out of volunteers on the day
  6. Write thank you cards and ensure that volunteers are recognized

Skills include:

Good attention to detail

Good communication skills

Ease with basic spreadsheets

To inquire please contact:

Janine Fernandes-Hayden


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