Connecting Generations is looking for mentors to work with students building a robot to enter the First Robotics competition in April 2018.  We are looking for anyone with experience using CAD (Computer Aided Design). If possible, we’d like them to have experience using Autodesk Inventor software.

Connecting Generations is a program in its 8th year in our school district.  Our vision is “To connect generations through shared pursuits”.  Find out about opportunities to get involved.

Our mission is:

  • To facilitate authentic, experiential learning for youth
  • To encourage members of our community, including seniors, to contribute their skills, experience and wisdom in support of social well-being in our community
  • To strengthen community safety/resilience by providing an opportunity for residents to meet people whose paths they may not otherwise cross

For more information about the kinds of opportunities available through the program, please visit our website: 

Contact: Sarah Hook-Nilsson, Program Coordinator:

Phone: 250 537 9944 (please leave a message at the high school)

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