The Gulf Islands Seniors Residence Association (GISRA)  is looking for board and committee members interested in first rate seniors supported living, pride in community service and a love of learning.  GISRA is a non-profit charitable society which owns and operates the 37 unit Meadowbrook residence, a supportive-living all-rental seniors’ residence serving the people of the Southern Gulf Islands.  GISRA’s new exciting project is the building of Meadowlane, a new seniors residence on Kings Lane Property.

Time Commitment:

Board: Monthly meetings 2 hours. Preparation time 2 hours and special projects work 5 hours ( total 9 hours per month)

Committees:  Mix of Board members and community members regarding the building of Meadowlane ( a new seniors residence on our Kings Lane property).  Monthly meetings 5 hours per month.  Possible Committees for this new building project include:  Steering committee, Design committee, Fund raising, Government funding, Organizational issues.

Required Skills:

Skills needed: financial, human resources, legal issues, construction, environmental issues.

*Contact send a brief resume to Janet Smith at

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