Articles on Volunteer Management

 Take the Quiz!

Volunteer Canada has a Volunteer Recognition quiz that not-for-profits can give to their volunteers to find out the ways their volunteers want to be recognized. Follow the link and take the quiz.

Volunteer Canada Volunteer Recognition Tool

Volunteer Recognition

Volunteer Recognition Tips

Volunteer Recognition Notes- Brown Bag Networking Lunch Feb 10_2016

“Re-energizing Volunteer Recognition”– Article from Charity Village

“2013 Volunteer Recognition Study- How do Canadians want to be recognized for their volunteer contributions”– Article from Volunteer Canada

From Boomers to Millennials:  Are there generation-specific volunteer management strategies?

Building the Bridge to Baby Boomers Fact Sheet

Building the Bridge for Volunteer Engagement Full Report

Bridging the Gap: Enriching Volunteer Experience to Build a Better Future for our Communities

The Changing Face of Volunteering in Canada

Volunteering and Charitable Giving in Canada

Promoting an Organization and its Programs

Tips for Promoting Your Organization and its Programs

Notes From October 2015 Brown Bag- Promoting Your Organization

“Top Ten Website Mistakes Charities Make”– Article from Charity Village

“Ten Ways Your Non-Profit Can Start – or might already be- Delivering Content Marketing”Article from Charity Village

Recruiting Volunteers

Tips For Recruiting Volunteers

Notes From May 2015 Brown Bag – Recruiting Volunteers

Volunteer Canada has a great article about recruiting volunteers from the “baby boomer” generation and another great article about recruiting younger volunteers.

Charity Village has two interesting articles, one about “how to keep potential volunteers engaged with your organization”

and another about “the changing face of volunteering in Canada”

Managing Volunteers and Risk Assessment

Volunteers and risk management for Canadian nonprofits and charities


How do you Measure the Impact of your Volunteers?

The Road to Measuring Volunteer Impact

The Domino Effect of Setting Goals for Volunteer Involvement

Moving Beyond Program: Developing a Volunteer Engagement Strategic Plan

Aligning Volunteer Engagement to the Vision, Mission, and Strategic Plan of your Organization

Rethinking Volunteerism—should It Be A Priority?


Tips for Better Communication With Volunteers


Vantage Point has some great short podcasts on various topics. Here are a few:

Volunteering as a Family